WHAT DOES DESKAGO DO?swedish_photo_lo

  • Agent/distributor/dealer/customer scannings for non-exporting companies
  • Agent/distributor/dealer/customer scannings for exporting companies to replace or add business partners
  • International market surveys
  • Impartial sounding board for international business negotiation
  • Business interpreter in German and English


  • Companies with in-demand products in Sweden that want to start exporting
  • Exporting companies that want access to new markets or need to activate, add to or replace existing business partners
  • Companies with export ambitions that initially want to assess their company's international possibilities
  • Established export companies that require an impartial and confidential review of their export markets & business partners


  • To increase your company’s profitability through increased export volumes
  • The domestic market is mature and/or has reached saturation point
  • To become an international operator in your sector
  • More export markets
  • Dissatisfaction with existing business partners
  • Need for impartial international market surveyor
  • Language or cultural confusion with international partners and customers

Please download the "Homework" questionnaire